Toll Free Setup

Keya IT Research Toll-Free Services provide a variety of cost-effective tools designed to expand your communications capabilities, boost efficiency and, most important, give customers the level of service they expect.

With our Toll-Free Services, you can create “local” presence across Canada and in more than 75 countries worldwide, ensuring your organization is always easy to reach whenever people need to call.


1. Improve your customer service.

Keya IT Research’s Toll-Free Services provide the tools you need to deliver immediate, responsive service – locally, nationally and around the world. Provide a differentiating human touch as your people respond immediately to customers’ needs, helping to resolve problems and looking for up-selling opportunities.

  • Efficient call handling results in higher call-completion rates and increased customer satisfaction.
  • You can exceed expectations by providing precise navigation through your automated call centre system, reducing wait times and ensuring accurate agent handling.
  • Toll-free telecommunications can work hand-in-hand with your web presence to deliver complementary services.

2. Make the most of your resources.

We offer a flexible range of Toll-Free Services to help you optimize your service delivery.

  • Calls can be routed to accommodate differences in time zones and business hours.
  • Routing can also be managed on a predetermined percentage basis to avoid under- or over-staffing at specified locations.
  • The Toll-Free platform can dynamically allocate calls across multiple contact centres on a call-by-call basis.

3. Manage your contact centres more effectively.

Keya IT Research Toll-Free tools can simplify contact centre management by tracking relevant data and intelligently routing calls for optimum performance.

  • Fine-tune your contact centre’s call routing to shorten agent talk time, reduce overall staffing requirements and better manage the use of facilities.
  • Allocate staff more effectively by tracking the number of calls received and completion rates.
  • Save management hours spent by eliminating the need for service orders on routing changes.
  • Working with the TeleManager tool, use account codes to gather rich data on calling patterns and then develop more effective business strategies.

4. Improve security and protect against downtime.

Keya IT Research Toll-Free includes numerous safeguards to ensure the security and continuity of critical business functions.

  • Domestic Toll-Free services are backed up by the secure, reliable Keya IT Research IP network, ensuring calls are routed with minimal disruption in case of an emergency.
  • A special Business Continuity application helps you assess risks to service interruption and plan for additional capacity on demand.
  • Prepare for emergencies such as snowstorms and network/equipment failures with reliable backup measures, including rapid adjustments to routing patterns.
  • Designated account codes help to minimize fraud and ensure that outbound long-distance calling is limited to business priorities.
  • We can help design plans to avoid security breaches on your network and provide for immediate corrective actions.

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